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You can call call me Poli if you want. I am self learning artist, kinda new. If ya want to support me, you can do so by checking my online store or become a Patron. Feel free to chat or send a message if ya want.

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Posted by PoliZ - January 27th, 2019

I update the description of the twin poster art by adding an audio log for ya to listen to while you look at the piece. Makes it more impactful.

Posted by PoliZ - January 10th, 2019

I just wanted to let everyone know my store is up. thats if i didn't forget to put it back on to public. Well anyway i only have one poster art up for sale at the moment. More will be made for different characters i have planned.

 Zazzle store link to ZachArts



Posted by PoliZ - January 2nd, 2019

To all new and or current followers/subscribers,

I want you all to know that i will soon have an online store on zazzle.com soon. Please be patient and hopefully i can get it all set up. I am currently testing out the printing service on zazzle to see what my posters of my artworks will come out as. When my store is finally open to the public to see you will only see one item for now, so please be patient. if my first completed artwork sells then i may be able to push my self harder in making excellent quality artworks for all of ya even more. With that i thank ya for reading this and have a wonderful day.

Sincerely, Poli


Posted by PoliZ - December 5th, 2018

I want to let everyone know that i wish the best for newgorunds after the tumblr purge. The parent company of tumblr is in fact Verizon. Yahoo bought tumblr which then was aquired by Verizon under the buying/aquisition of Yahoo. I want to thank those who never left Newgrounds since its inception and wish its popularity to rise more due to the influx of new artist to your site. I also want to remind all of you the dire consequence when a multinational corporation were to aquire this site for its own purpose, case and point Tumblr....

I will do my best in creating art and adult content for ya. Give me ideas and i shall create. I want to get better with my art and will continue to work hard at it. Thank you to the Newgrounds community for accepting me where tumblr could not.