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The colors and the shadows with light and dark is well done. The animation fits right with the music and with the style that was done in. I could see the lights within the clouds showing with the beats of the song. This clearly was done with careful planning and careful meaning in interpreting the song through Cell Animation.

Correct me if i am wrong when i say Cell animation. I'm just assuming based on what i am seeing with my own eyes.

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The contrast of light and dark is amazing. Even the glow effects for the light sources are done beautifully. Its that glow that allures my eyes towards the sections of the piece. Hopefully one day i can show glow effects in my artworks just like how you did with yours. Something tells me from they way you make your artworks, you may have created some online comics as well. If not, then you should.

The way you create your works for some reason looks soothing to me. the type of brush, shading, and how you make the background simplistic but interesting is, how would i say, pleasing to the eye. the character itself is more detailed then the background, making the viewer's eyes tril from the outskirts of the piece towards the character. The pattern of her clothes is lovely and fits to her personality; not too flashy but a nice color that can be used for her skill set in hiding or laying low in combat. The only issue i have is the head size to body ratio and the size of the eyes, however, this is just based on my taste and take this creative criticism with a grain of salt. On the other hand, its completely fine the way it is now.

Over all, This piece is beautiful in my opinion. The intricacy in its simplistic design done in the skills of the artist plus with the devotion put into this is clearly seen. I don't know why but i am drawn to this piece. Like i said, Its beautiful and soothing to the eyes.

cragscleft responds:

thank you so very much for this incredible compliment, I've never received anything like this before

This is adorable, Your birdblobs are so precious. ^~^
You can make a short story or little series of stories based on your character raising these little things.

You can call call me Poli if you want. I am self learning artist, kinda new. If ya want to support me, you can do so by checking my online store or become a Patron. Feel free to chat or send a message if ya want.

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